Ukulele Festivals this Weekend!

June is arriving, and so is ukulele season. Throughout the summer there are going to be a number of terrific ukulele festivals and concerts going on all over the United States and even other parts of the world. It my mission to inform you when some are coming up and where they will be held.

This weekend (June 1 -2) there are two festivals going on:

The Lone Star Uke Festival 2012 will be held in Dallas, Texas and will includer performances by Jim D’Ville, Pops Bayless, Debbie Porter, and The Wahooligans. For more information visit their website:

The 4th Annual Ukulele World Congress 2012 will also be held this weekend and take place in Nashville, Indiana. Its performers are still to be announced. For more information visit this web site:

If you live close by and have nothing else to do this weekend I encourage you to try and make one of the festivals. I’m sure the music is great and that you are bound to have a blast.

If you are interested in information on other festivals coming up soon click on the link below. The Ukehunt is another great ukulele site to check out.


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