Posted in June 2012

What is the Best Brand of Ukulele?

I’m curious to know what you think the best brand of ukulele is. Is there a certain brand that is more suited for beginners? How about for those that are more experienced? What brand do you prefer? Feel free to discuss by leaving a comment. Also if there is another brand you like that is … Continue reading

Keys When Beginning the Ukulele

It has only been half a year since I received my Ukulele for Christmas and I still consider myself a beginner. Although I’m slowly getting into more of a groove with the instrument there are a couple of things that I believe are key so that players like myself enjoy the instrument while they freshen … Continue reading

Don’t Listen to MTV. The Ukulele is Great

I checked the news and noticed this article by MTV. It don’t exactly flat out say that ukulele’s shouldn’t be respected, but it definitely implied it. They say these song aren’t great and are overrated. I say they rock. The last one, Into The Wild by LP is a personal favorite even before this article … Continue reading