Keys When Beginning the Ukulele

It has only been half a year since I received my Ukulele for Christmas and I still consider myself a beginner. Although I’m slowly getting into more of a groove with the instrument there are a couple of things that I believe are key so that players like myself enjoy the instrument while they freshen up their skills.


The key to mastering anything is obviously practice. This summer I have been extremely busy with work and classes but I still try to make time to play at least half an hour of Ukulele a day. The results are slowly beginning the show, but they are definitely noticeable. Every day I become more and more comfortable with the instrument and am making strides how I sound and play.


Never forget why you started playing the Ukulele. For most of us I’m sure its because we enjoy music. This is key to anything we do. Continue to have that same passion for the instrument like I do. I’m not the best and can’t play anything great (yet) but I still enjoy just being able to do the simple stuff. The only person who should care how good you are is you. Take your time and continue to let the good times roll.


There have been times where I have been frustrated with my progress. I want to just jam and play songs and sing along, but when starting something new that just isn’t exactly possible. It’s ok though, because everybody learns at their own pace. Don’t let the frustration get to you. Time is not an issue here, the issue is how committed you are to improving. It might take awhile but someday you will be able to keep up with legends like Jake Shimabukuro and Brother IZ.

Take a look at this kid play his uke. If he can do it, so can you!

So those are my key pieces of advice to beginners like me. Stay positive, practice, and enjoy it! Any other tips from you guys?


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